Staging Occupied Home – Sells Quickly

Providing home staging guidance to owners who live in their home while trying to sell it is a different approach than filling a vacant home and staging it with furniture, accessories and decor.

The goal is to create an environment within a home that is for sale so buyers can connect with it, while using the seller’s things. Working within the seller’s budget, we spent about a day to help them stage the house and gardens in order for this home to get quick results. In just a short time, the owners received styling and design guidance using their belongings. We moved most of their furniture around, rearranged the placement of beds, cleaned up the art studio, created an inviting seating area in the living room, artwork was rehung, and unnecessary items were removed which contributed to the cluttered appearance we initially came upon. While going through this process we even helped them get organized to begin the packing process of letting go which can help get the house sold. The gardens also received a much-needed face-lift due to neglected maintenance and overgrown weeds to highlight the Koi pond, two private patios and fruit trees.

According to the sellers, not only were the results fantastic, but also buyers were thrilled with how the home looked, and it sold within six weeks of staging. Home staging is an effective tool in selling a home with “81% of buyers saying that home staging makes it easier to visualize the property as a future home”, according to the National Association of Realtor’s 2015 Profile of Home Staging.

There is a difference in how a home looks between “living” in a home and “selling” the home. If you are uncertain how this can make a difference with your situation or you need some guidance, contact us. If you live outside of the Santa Fe area, we can offer you help in a virtual consultation.

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