Selling a home faster with home staging tips

Selling a home faster with home staging tips

The seller’s of the home, located at 150 Camino Arroyo, Santa Fe, NM were eager to sell the home quickly and had decided to remove their outdated furnishings in favor of using current trendy furnishings and updated decor. Using appropriate furnishings from our inventory to highlight their floor plan and wall color (they didn’t want to repaint), we created a plan that would bring the home to the next level and attract home buyers.

The first step for the sellers was to determine what to do with their existing furnishings. They decided it was time to retire the old and outdated items they owned in and had an estate sale. With proceeds they would purchase new furnishings for their new home. Once we removed the seller’s personal decor and cleaned the property we had a open slate to stage the home and ready to move our inventory in. In rearranging the layout and using up-to-date furnishings, plus decor we highlighted the floor plan, and captured the essence of this beautiful home. By styling and staging the home it stood out against the competition, including one down the street, which had been on the market for several months, (note to competition, consider staging your home for a faster sale!)

Within eight hours the seller’s received an offer, with additional buyer’s ready to make an offer. Home staging is a vital component and should be considered at all times when selling a home, whether occupied or vacant.

Not every seller has the opportunity to stage their home with new furniture and decor, let alone sell everything. But there are ways a seller could reap the benefits with the help from a professional home stager, including occupied homes. With a few simple tweaks here and there, staging tips and using existing pieces a home’s presentation could warrant faster sales.

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Occupied home Living Room and Dining Room before home staging at Camino Arroyo
Living Room after home staging at Camino Arroyo

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