Position Desk to Encourage Success

Have a student going back-to-school or you are an empty nester considering creating an office space in that empty room? Consider the position of a desk to encourage and promote healthy study/work habits. The awareness of desk placement and items on the desk can help to contribute to clearer thinking and information processing, knowledge, successful transactions, and wisdom according to Feng Shui principles.

Create a place for students to work and call their own rather than at the dining table or coffee table. This can reinforce responsibility and ownership, plus frees up the dining table for family dinners. A sturdy desk, good lighting and appropriate chair height contribute to the overall wellness, while studying late into the night. The best location for students is in their bedroom. If possible, place the desk facing northeast, (the direction of wisdom and knowledge) of the home and facing the door, for the command position, and see who is entering. Adding a map or globe in this area will help encourage study. Highlight the “atta-boy/girl awards,” trophies, or good grades in the achievement area on the south wall to recognize a job well done and encourage continued success. Avoid placing the bed with the feet, facing the door, as all the good energy you’ve created will flow out of the room.

When the desk is not in use, keep it clear and clutter-free to encourage good study/work habits. Approaching a cluttered desk restricts the creativity and ambition to study, as it requires extra time to clean before opening the books. Placement of where items go on the desk will contribute to good energy (Chi) as well. Place the computer in the front position of the chair to encourage studying; knowledge will be enhanced with books in the lower-left position, creativity will nourish with art supplies or other creative tools on the center right area of the desk. Placement of the lamp in the upper center of the desk will help to illuminate success. With these minor adjustments the study/work area can help propel your student into a successful school year.

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