Aspen Compound

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Prior to staging this home, it was a throwback to the 80’s, which would prevent home buyers from envisioning the home in this timeframe. After providing our full-service package, providing solutions from start to finish, we prepared the home and assisted the out-of-town seller with all the details. We used our inventory to stage this home in a contemporary style to show the potential and bring it up-to-date. After all, not many home buyers want to buy a home that looks like it belongs to past generation.

“Debbie did a fantastic job of preparing my house for sale. She oversaw the painting and repair of the house inside and out, had the landscaping cleaned up and oversaw the installation of flagstone on the porch and steps. She emptied the house and disposed of the entire contents, selling what could be sold, disposing of things that were unusable, giving away and collecting tax receipts for the rest. Then she staged it beautifully. She did all of this in a very limited period of time, during which no detail escaped her attention and no effort on her part seemed to be too great. She was a godsend!” – Mary

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