Difference between “Chaos and Calm” when selling a home

Selling a home and retaining an “as-is” presence, because you like how you live, will only hinder your ability to get a home buyer to fall in love with your home and sell it quickly, let alone a real estate agent interested in showing it at all.


In this home the home owners followed our advice to replace the pet damaged furniture, de-clutter and move their many projects and excess furniture out of the living room. We recommended painting a neutral palette on the walls and kiva fireplace, replacement of the tattered rug and furnishings, and other outdated items. In staging and styling the room conversation is encouraged, purpose and connection is provided and incredible views just outside the windows are highlighted. Upon completion the room felt larger and more spacious, home buyers lingered and were able to envision themselves living in this home.

Staging a home and transforming it can speak volumes as it highlights the architectural features and by updating the furnishings and decor it matches the home value. Home buyers expect a home to reflect the appropriate living conditions and decor reflected of the listing price. The decision to not stage a home and leaving it in the original condition will not only turn buyers away but the loss of a potential sale at a high asking price greatly diminishes.

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