32% of buyers are willing to pay 1-5% more for a home…

According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors Home Staging Profile 2015 taking the step to stage a home really does make a difference to potential buyers. The good news is that 32% of buyers are willing to pay 1-5% more for a home that is staged than those not staged!

Staging a vacant home provides visual for the placement of furnishings and how one can utilize a space. Occupied homes require the same attention and detail and at times can be more important to potential buyers. Of the poll 81% of buyers say that staging a home makes it easier to visualize a home.

There are so many levels of preparation to consider and if you have an occupied home look at how inviting the front entry is to the appeal of furnishings, bedding, and even where the pet bowls and litter boxes are placed. We live in our homes for ourselves, however when we sell a home it’s time to let go of our comfort zone and invite others with discerning tastes and styles to see the home through their eyes.

If you’re considering selling your home and whether staging is right for you, remember 96% of buyer’s agents say that staging has an affect on some buyer’s view of the home. If you’re buying a home what do you look for? Clean and ready to move in or disorderly, cluttered, areas of concern and unknown maintenance issues? Those are the same concerns buyers have.

Staging a home may bring you a little extra income from the sale and a tax deduction depending upon your situation for the costs of preparing and staging your home.

To read more data about Infographic: Effectiveness of Home Staging survey.

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