From drab to fab…


AFTER | Showcasing the room, creating functionality and warmth  BEFORE | Living Room with no true purpose

The secret to creating an inviting living area is the arrangement of furnishings to draw buyers into a room. Consideration of scale and function is the first step in rearranging furnishings to create a showroom effect.

The owner of this lovely condominium had great antique furnishings to use, however styling and placement was needed in order to showcase the room. Within a few short hours and re-purposing treasures found in other rooms, I was able to create a warm, comfortable and darling living room! This home is now ready for the MLS photos to be posted on-line and a potential buyer to fall in love and make an offer.

Do you need assistance in creating a fabulous space? Whether you are planning to sell your home or want to have the “designer” affect, contact me and let’s work some magic together.

(The TV had to stay, but that’s okay!)

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