De-Cluttered Home Sells

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A few months back Linda asked me to come to her home to de-clutter and de-personalize her home while it was being sold. She didn’t have much success prior and thought staging her home would help.

Shortly after I completed the work and rearranged her furnishings to create a better transition from one area to the next, she received increased positive feedback and interest was being generated. Here’s what she shared with me “the very first time I had a house showing after you had reworked the house, the comments went from “…nice house but somewhat cluttered” to “…great home and shows really well”.  It is slightly traumatic giving up the treasures you have collected over the years…but the feedback I got after you worked your magic was worth it!  I would highly recommend having your home staged to anyone about to try to sell their home! “

The result? She received two offers, is under contract and now preparing to move on for her new adventure.

Pulling a home together can be difficult, whether you are trying to sell or it’s your primary residence, but making some simple changes makes a dramatic difference. As a home stager, I use interior design practices to create homes that are comfortable, inviting and a joy to experience.

Come see me at the Hacienda Parade of Homes tour this weekend at Villas Di Toscana, 3167 Viale Centano, it’s home number 4 on the tour.

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