Environmental Sustainability-Casa Valle Escondido

Image | Kate Russell

The architectural design of this home north of Santa Fe demonstrates the beauty of nature as a design element. The architects “arranged the sun’s path at noon to fall exactly down the center of the Casa Valle Escondido, the house was precisely located by transit sighting to the North Star Polaris at night and the Sun at solar noon.” To view how the sun’s path aligns and design elements of this ultra contemporary home, click here.

I love the design and clean lines that compliment both the interior and exterior structure. It’s a great demonstration of seamless cohesiveness taking advantage of the site and affording the owners enchanting views from every vantage point.

This home stands out for me as a perfect example of environmental sustainability by employing solar direction and site placement which was studied during my Architectural Design-Environmental Sustainability class taught by Andrew Kerr at Santa Fe Community College.

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