Fresh Coat of Paint

Our latest project was staging a vacant town home, providing guidance, plus overseeing the management of a few minor, but necessary cosmetic improvements. A facelift was suggested to two areas to soften and enhance the potential of this darling three bedroom/two bath south side town home. It is extremely critical when selling a home to remember that only 10% of buyers have the ability to envision what the purpose of a room is, how their belongings will fit, and what they can do to personalize the space, the other 90% need help with vision.  Addressing minor improvements, plus adding furnishings and accessories in a vacant home, helps a potential buyer envision themselves in the home and to realize their dream of owning their own home.

This project required a complete color change in the kitchen. The previous yellow/orange walls and ceiling were over the top and now painted with a calming and neutral warm white all features in the kitchen compliments one another. The standard walnut cabinets were tired and worn out. We brought them back to life with a bit of elbow grease and a coat of sheen which now pops against the clean and fresh walls.

The large kiva fireplace, the focal point in the living room and in this case not the best feature, held a command position with its orange/rust color and dwarfed the room. Fireplaces are strong elements and this one was bold and overbearing. With a fresh coat of paint, the scale was toned down and now the fireplace blends effortlessly, bringing the focal point to the center of the room, rather than to the corner.

Have an area in your room or home that is questionable or one you’d like some guidance with, contact me and together we’ll design a plan that fits your budget and brings new life and energy to your space.

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