De-cluttering to Sell

Would this home be on your list to view?

How important is it to de-clutter a home if it’s being sold? It’s a simple fact that clutter detracts from the key selling points of a home, buyers aren’t interested in taking the time to look at the home, and in most cases the underlying message can also suggest that the seller isn’t ready to let the house go even though they have made the decision to sell it.

According to Feng Shui principles, clutter represents stuck or stagnant energy. Clutter keeps one stuck in the past and prevents new opportunities from manifesting, as in this case – selling a home.  Clutter can be in the form of too many collectables and small objects scattered around the home, overcrowded closets, disorganization, or untidy areas.

What can you do to prepare your home so that it appeals to buyers? You’ve already made the decision to sell now the real work takes place. You’ll need to assess those areas of your home that represents clutter and distraction from the key selling points of your home. It’s often difficult for us to see through our own beloved belongings, which makes it confusing on where to start or how to go about making these changes. As a professional Home Stager, with an objective eye, I see the potential of your home and can provide guidance on what is needed to have your home ready to sell. Contact me for a free assessment of how your home can attract buyers and be amazing!

Has your home been for sale and on-line for a while without any positive feedback or viewings, I can take you through the steps to turn it from For Sale to Sold!

Want the benefits of living in a home free of clutter and disorganization? I can help, spring is the perfect time to de-clutter your home and create new opportunities, whether you are looking for new work, relationships or wanting a change.

Contact me to schedule your free assessment consultation.

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