The Color Green

Today, many will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing the color green. How does the color green or lack of effect your surroundings? According to Feng Shui techniques the color green (represented by the wood element) promotes the feeling of renewal, new beginnings and new life. You’ll notice outdoors many signs of spring — new buds forming on trees and plants, plus dormant bulbs emerging displaying their vibrant green — a sign of renewal and new life.

How can you tap into these attributes in your home? Take a look at your surroundings are your plants brown, lifeless, dying? Is your Valentine’s Day flower arrangement dried up and standing in murky water? If so, they send discouraging messages such as stagnation, lack of interest and loss of energy. By replacing them with vibrant green plants and fresh flowers your surroundings will become uplifted, pops of color will encourage renewal, and new beginnings emerge.

Adding a bit of green in strategic places of your home increases its appeal and enhances vitality to overcome obstacles, especially helpful when selling a home. We incorporate Feng Shui techniques and color applications in our Home Staging packages.  For a personal evaluation to review your homes appeal for potential buyers, contact me.

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