Holiday Trimmings and Selling a Home


A conundrum is upon us…how does one style and stage a home for sale and keep traditions alive while celebrating the holidays? With Thanksgiving on our doorstep and Christmas just around the corner decorating a home is on everyone’s mind, well that is after we’ve shopped all those great Black Friday savings!

Home buyers are well aware that sellers will decorate their home, during a selling period, for the holidays, but just how much should the seller decorate is the big question!

Everyone has a different approach on how much holiday spirit they use to decorate their homes. In some cases it may be too much of a good thing while your occupied listing is on the market. Paring down may be the answer as well as considering these questions:

  • Can a potential buyer see the beauty of the floor plan?
  • Are the characteristics of the home showing through?
  • Will potential buyers be able to envision living in this home through all the trimmings?
  • Does the home look like a retail shop with trimming galore?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then we need to talk! It’s great to show the spirit of the season, but this year may be the one to trim back on some of the trimmings while your house is on the market. Showcasing the home as a comfortable, warm and inviting place is important, as well as being able to see the beauty of the floor plan, and with a few trimmings this holiday season it may just be the trick to get it SOLD!

If there’s any uncertainty or hesitation, contact me. I can help your listing look its best, with a phone consultation or in person, even while you are home during the holiday season.

Perhaps you have a vacant home that is screaming for attention? Home staging may just be the answer it needs to feel like home and sell quickly. I can help here too.

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