Why De-Clutter and why is it so important?

Whether you are selling your home or staying put, de-cluttering your space opens your home to unlimited possibilities.

First off – if you are selling your home, one of the most important things to do is de-clutter and visually create more space. Potential buyer’s are unable to see past your things, no matter how cute or adorable you may think your collections are, they have to go! It’s a fact that buyer’s will pay more attention to what you own and have on display rather than appreciate the beauty and unique characteristics of your home. They won’t even begin to imagine themselves living there nor put an offer on your house because all they remember is your collection of ______ (fill in the blank). Clutter increases the feeling of restriction and confusion, plus it limits openness, creativity, ideas and the potential for a sale. Are you ready to enhance the features of your home or limit it?

If you’re staying put, de-cluttering your house will not only open up the floor plan but you’ll find you have more space to enjoy it, both mentally and physically. According to Feng Shui principles clutter can create stagnation, struggle, and confusion. Clearing your space not only frees up your time and energy, but can promote new and unlimited possibilities.

The home in this image is for sale. Notice how cluttered this room is? Do you notice any architectural features of the room? With omissions of artwork, accessories and extra pieces of furniture the room will appear larger and more welcoming.

How to get started freeing up your space? Watch for my five easy steps to get started or contact me a certified home stager for guidance and assistance.

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